UE4 GPU Particle Systems

In addition to regular particle systems, UE4 supports GPU particles. From Epic:

"GPU Sprites are particles that have most of their calculations throughout their lifespan passed on to the GPU rather than the CPU. They provide the benefit of supporting significantly more particles per system than traditional CPU particles."

GPU particles also allow for the use of vector fields. To get these into Unreal Engine, you need to import them from Maya using the UE4 Vector Field Exporter. The video below walks you through the steps necessary to do so:

I'll be posting a few more examples, but here is a screen grab of my first particle system using vector fields created in and imported from Maya. 

Unity3D WWW Audio

For some reason getting this set up was a terrible pain. Even the documentation for WWW.audioClip is obsolete. Not sure if this is the best method to download and play an audio file from the web, but it worked for me.

You want to have an Audio Source component on the game object you'll be using. Make sure the output on the audio source component is set correctly. Now make a new C# script. In my case, I named it WebAudio.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class WebAudio : MonoBehaviour
    public string url;
    WWW www;
    AudioClip clipFromWeb;
    IEnumerator Start ()
        www = new WWW (url);
        yield return www;
        clipFromWeb = www.GetAudioClip (false);
        AudioSource source = GetComponent<AudioSource> ();
        source.clip = clipFromWeb;
        source.Play ();

Make sure you've typed in the web address in the 'url' variable under your script in the inspector. The audio will not stream the audio, but begin playing after it was been downloaded.

I've only tested this with OGG files, so if you're trying to play WAV or MP3 files i'm not sure if it will work. 

Adding UMG(UI) in Unreal Engine 4

Well, lets get started.

I'm not going to go into creating a user interface widget blueprint here, but I do want to go over how to add it to your scene.

I think the best way is to show you with GIF's. If you're not familiar with it, I'm using GIFCam, which is great.

Make sure in the Create Widget node, you select the widget you want to be displayed in the "Class" drop-down menu.

If we want to interact with the widget, we're probably going to need to see the mouse cursor. Lets go ahead and do that:

Unreal Engine 4

Well, after working a lot with Unreal Engine 4 lately, I feel like many of the same questions are brought. Additionally, resources can sometimes be difficult to find, convoluted, hard to follow and sometimes unnecessarily lengthy.

Here I'll be documenting my successes, failures and struggles. Hopefully, the process will help answer questions others might have and I may even learn a thing or two myself.